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RTC (Real-Time Communication), It can provide smooth and low-latency real-time communication over the world.

By integrating the RTC SDK, customers can easily have various capabilities in their business such as voice calls, video calls, live, etc.

Product Features

Product FeaturesRealization of functionsCommon application scenarios
Voice Call1V1Voice Call
Multi-party Voice Calls
Voice Chat
Voice Conferencing
Voice Customer Service
Screenplay Game
Video Call1V1Video Call
Multi-party Video Call
Video Call
Video Conference
Video Chat
Video Customer service
Video Interview Online Consultation
LiveLive Voice
Live Video
Live classroom for 10,000 people
Remote Training
Large-scale conferences
Live Voice PK

Product Highlights

Network dynamic optimization

Intelligent network condition detection, dynamic bit rate adjustment, intelligent FEC, PLC algorithm, to ensure smooth and stable audio and video calls under weak network, up to 800ms network jitter resistance, pure audio anti-packet loss up to 80%, audio and video 70% of network packet loss. Support large and small streams.

High quality sound quality

Support a variety of audio sampling rates, high-quality audio codecs support the full frequency band, providing intelligent pre-speech processing algorithms, including noise reduction, echo cancellation, automatic gain, vocal detection, whistle processing, etc., true restoration of the full details of the sound, special optimization for the music scene to ensure the sound quality of music effects.

High quality picture quality

Exclusive video screen enhancement algorithm, screen optimization and mosaic reduction to enhance clarity. Support basic beauty and advanced beauty.

Multi-Platform Support

Supports multi-platform viewing, interaction and interoperability, peer-to-peer, multi-person real-time audio and video calls and bypass live streaming functions.