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Cloud recording

Function description

After recording is turned on, the signaling and media in the channel will be saved on the server in real time.

At the end of the recording, the server will organize the files (these files are called original recordings), according to the timeline sequence, the events and media

The stream is reproduced completely and converted into an mp4 file (the final recording)


  1. The playback program is introduced into cloudhub-playback-sdk
  2. Call startPlay starts playbac
  3. getEngine after the startPlay callback
  4. Set a variety of monitoring, detailed with acquired Engine callback documents
  5. According to the various events returned by the callback document, restore the scene of the playback program
  6. After the playback program is developed, it can be debugged in the player (the final MP4 recording of the server is consistent with the debug result)

API reference

Development considerations